Synopsis of last meeting

At our last meeting on 9 September 2018 we talked together about self care as therapists.

Here are some of the ideas we came up with for short term self care, as well as longer term planning to care for wellbeing.

More immediate ideas:
Grounding techniques – distracting techniques
Make time between client appointments where possible
Practice positive self-talk
Stretch and move, especially when we have been sat still for so long
When unwell, how much do we share with clients?
How do we know when we are too ill to work?

Longer term planning:
Sleep patterns
Review any medication
Establish ground rules for client work where possible, eg avoiding back to back appointments
Finding balance between benefits of work (finances/security) and other demands on time
If we work online/phone, where and when works best for us?
Self-employment – preplanning for holidays/sickness allowances etc
Adequate supervision and peer supervision
Personal therapy
CPD, long term learning
Personal development/personal work
Challenges of living and working in the same communities