Professional Development Groups

Peer-led groups, which meet online, are great for support, case discussions, peer supervision, and issue-based discussions. Each group is responsible for itself, for deciding how to manage meetings, for building relationships, trust, and holding boundaries. The groups are not overseen by RTiS and any accountability stays within the group. We do expect all members to act professionally, ethically and with respect for others.
Groups normally meet online, allowing those who live out of the central area to play a full part, although arranging face-to-face meetings is, of course, fine as appropriate. There are many platforms that allow for video calls in a group. Please choose one that works for your group; “” is one that allows for group meetings, is free, and seems to be fairly secure.
If you would like to be part of a peer-led professional development group please complete the form below. We will try to match what you are looking for from a group with others who are looking for similar things, and then we will put you in touch with each other. You take it from there!
If you have any questions regarding PDGs please email us on

Professional Development Groups
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