Counselling for Trans-identified and Trans-historied Clients

Current heterocentric culture is based on a binary model of sex and gender; simply put this divides human beings into male and female bodied, assumes gender matches this biological binary and regards the heterosexual family as the keystone of society. We appreciate that this is not always the case.
We appreciate that gender identities and experiences contradicting the binary model have been socially stigmatised through being historically designated immoral, illegal, or abnormal; and we are part of the process of changing that.
As Rainbow Therapists In Scotland, we recognise and respect all trans-identities as fundamental aspects of a person, not flaws or disorders.
We strive to provide safe, confidential spaces for people who experience their gender within or outwith the binary; offering respect to male, female, and other gendered clients with equanimity.
We appreciate that gender diversity may or may not be the issue that you wish to bring to counselling, and will work with you on what matters to you.
Should you wish to work on issues around trans-identity we will support the development of your own narrative, if you wish to work on wider life issues (relationship issues, work-related stress, bereavement etc.) we will support you in those; we do not make identity an issue when it is not.
Whether or not your struggles are connected to trans-identity or trans-history our counselling support can help you to find your own solutions, whatever your struggles; to develop inner strength and resilience; to become more grounded as a whole person; and to work toward leading a more comfortable life.